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Is your brand a great story-teller? Or is your brand ‘THE STORY’?

At the beginning of the 20th century, two initiatives were conceived as marketing devices – one to sell more “Tyre”, the other to sell more “Newspaper”. 100 years later, both have grown to become powerful brands in their own right. Today we know them as Michelin Guides (b. 1900) and the Tour de France (b. 1903).

At a time when there was no such thing as TV, brands could not buy mass attention, so they had to earn it, from scratch, by creating world-famous brand properties.

In an age of super-saturated communication, perhaps we need to start thinking less about brand narrative and more about brand drama. It’s not enough to do great story-telling anymore. It’s not enough to ask “what is our brand saying?”. The post-TV, digital-social-media world demands that brands create their own story, building a digital/social property that will earn its media reach through its unique existence. The question brands should be asking is “what is our brand doing?”

As a #marteching team promoting the concept of “movement marketing, we just loved this awesome article on ‘Story Doing” that opens our minds to a new way to look at digital-social-media marketing.

Call us to discuss how you can create and build a movement that will let your followers take your brand message across social and digital media. To see an example of what we have done for an herbal products brands visit Proud of My Color page on Facebook.

Posted On:  August 29, 2016,  By Arvind Jha

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