The Mathematics of Marketing

“Math Men have overtaken the Mad Men” – Sir Martin Sorrel (2016)

There is deep insight in Sir Martin’s comment. Statistics show that over 60% of all advertising in UK has moved to digital platform. Asian economies are catching up fast. Digital is measurable. It can be tracked, collated, analyzed and processed yielding insights about consumers like never before. Campaigns are leaving a huge data trail. And this is where the ‘Math Men’ are making the biggest impact.

Digital marketing is becoming complex as technology amplifies, accelerates and adds multiple dimensions. A leading bank CEO recently stated that while it was normal to reply to letters in about 7-10 days; emails in 2-3 days, customers now expect a response in 30 min or less using instant message platforms and/or social media networks. We now need tools that track a million conversations and a million engagements a day.

Social media has disrupted the ‘silo-ed consumer segmentation of the past’. The planet is one connected noisy, ever-changing bazaar. This global bazaar appears lucrative for businesses but can also overwhelm marketers with the complexity of targeting, a multitude of consumer preferences, real time insights, newer metrics and options. The data shared by the social media platforms themselves ( be it a Facebook or twitter ) are often inadequate. You need to go beyond the basics to build social personas, mine social intent & link it to your communication tools.

In this new world order, Marketers need to find a new breed of partners. A plain vanilla traditional marketing / advertising agency or a traditional IT services partner just don’t have the capacity to give marketers the edge needed to take advantage of the new opportunities and maintain leadership position. Your partner needs to marry great marketing & communication skills with deep IT, database & social media mining expertise to give you top of the line results.

Enter “MARTECHING”. A marriage of MARKETING & TECHNOLOGY that is sweeping thru the corridors of advertising agencies, marketing consultancies, digital agencies & IT partners who are all struggling to keep pace with client needs & demands.

MARTECHING brings the best of passionate marketing & deep technology understanding together to create high impact marketing solutions – processes, tools, automation and platforms. It cuts across digital, social, mobile; across content & engagement to become the valuable strategy & idea factory your business needs to get the best from the new world.

We have been turning our IT outsourcing company, Pariksha Labs, into a “MARTECHING” services provider offering digital & social marketing & technology advisory to start-ups, SMEs and even large brands interested to push the digital and social marketing possibilities. In the past 10 months since we’ve launched these services, we have worked with early stage startups with limited budgets; funded startups looking to scale optimally to consumer products company looking to “try” digital/social “only” marketing.

We have used our:

  • (i) strategic ideas,
  • (ii) creative content strategies,
  • (iii) experience in running campaigns for 10 mi plus audiences,
  • (iv) superior traffic and data analytics,
  • (v) social listening tools and
  • (vi) our passion for “Marteching”

to deliver improved digital consulting, brand messaging, social media strategy, analytics and presence management leading to higher enquiry, higher web traffic, higher social engagement and higher & favourable brand recall.

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Posted On:  May 27, 2016,  By Arvind Jha