Why I am putting 50% of our budget into video marketing for 2017

Video is eating the world. The rise of video consumption on social and mobile platforms in 2016 is staggering. More video gets created in 30 days than all the TV channels have created in 30 years. Even Facebook expects to be a video only platform in 5 years!

Not having a video marketing strategy for 2017 is like not having a smartphone strategy in 2008 or not having a web strategy in 2000. A CEO can wait but fall behind his competitors and play catch up over several years.

Our experiments with social videos shows us three key insights:

So what should your video strategy for 2017 look like? First, get a partner who understand both the communication & story-telling aspects of videos as well as uses tools to identify distribution channels & communities, analytics & monitoring to give you best bang for buck.

We have created a 3-pronged video creation strategy for our brands for 2017. At the top is videos created by top branded influencers with social story telling themes; at the middle is videos created by mid-level/undiscovered digital/social influencers with stories around their own digital/social brand personas; and at the bottom is user generated videos that are real, unedited, raw and socially authentic and spicy.

And yes, over 50% of our budget for 2017 will go into video production, distribution, promotion, analytics and monitoring.

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Posted On:  December 29, 2016,  By Arvind Jha